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Vivian 3

Are you the kind of guy who can appreciate the finer things in life? How about my fine body? Or my fine green eyes? What about my fine legs, or my fine, fine ass? My name is Viviana and I'm the finest Las Vegas escorts girl you are ever going to meet. My exotic European beauty is going to grab you by the heart and pull you into my arms.

I mean, look at me. You can see the picture clear as day. And that's just a picture! Can you imagine what this escorts in Las Vegas girl looks like in real life? A million and a half dollars! If you're looking for a trophy girl, I'm for you. If you take me somewhere fancy I can even appreciate it with you. Like I said, I like the finer things. If you do too, we'll get along great.

I give the finest massages in all of Las Vegas. All escorts in Las Vegas claim to give the best massages. But these hands do nothing but massage all day long. I really know how to work a body over. Better yet? I can give you a mixture of a lap dance and a massage, all at once. What a better way to relax than to have your body and mind engaged by a beautiful woman, grinding on your lap while she relieves your tension? Sounds like the best kind of date to me, personally. Escorts in Las Vegas work hard for you, and I'll work even harder.

If you don't have to have that kind of date we can always go out for dinner or something. But once you see me in my evening wear you are going to want to see what I'm wearing underneath. Trust me. I have the best lingerie in the world and as your Las Vegas escort you are going to want to see it.